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Is the way to raise money for
a nonprofit only through cash?

76% of families in the US hold their liquid assets in stock only 24% of it is held in cash. Nonprofits currently only fundraise for cash. We can fix that.

Overflow is an online stock donations platform making it possible to donate stocks directly to the nonprofits solving today’s most pressing issues.

Over 125+ of the top nonprofits are using Overflow to get the results they want!

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Most nonprofits fund their initiatives by raising support for cash
Cash is the least lucrative way to fundraise. Your nonprofit is missing out on a high-value donation channel that provides benefits for both the donor and nonprofit.

Nonprofits that do fundraise with stock aren’t fully capitalizing on them
Nonprofits are losing out on a major donations because of the complicated stock donation process and lack of visibility from their stock brokerage to understand which donor donated. Many brokerages still require that transfer forms be printed, signed, and faxed to initate a stock donation.

Nonprofits are losing out on fundraising within the $39B stock donations market size.

Overflow is a tailored stock donations experience for your donors.

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Elevate your donation experience for your most valued donors

A robust digital stock donation experience that lets your donors give stock securely with a click of a button in under 2 minutes.

It’s not just a platform, it’s a team.

Our team is dedicated to your success! We will help maximize your stock donation opportunity by providing you with world class donor education, support and communication strategies.

Always know who is gifting

Never lose track of a stock gift or forget to acknowledge a gift. Via our dashboard, cultivate trust with donors by having insights into your stock gifts, and never miss out on thanking them for their generous contribution.

Automating Your Back-Office

Gift acknowledgement letters are automatically generated for you that are IRS-compliant and customizable. Simply review and send to your donors in an instant. Relieve the stress of your development and finance team!

The White Glove Experience

Our team is specialized in stock transfers and guides the donation through the brokerage's rules and regulation ensuring the experience for the donor and you is as streamlined as possible.

This is why hundreds of nonprofits love Overflow

“Overflow has dramatically simplified our stock donation process, allowing our team to spend more time focusing on our mission! It’s a notably better donor experience compared to before.”

Ellen Paik, Fund Manager
New Story

"I hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you and everyone at Overflow how happy we've been with the stock donation dashboard over at RIP Medical Debt. It's made all of our lives so much easier to see everything all in one place."

Sam Garber, Donor Services
RIP Medical

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